I need a gay friend

To go to this with.

The True Colors Tour!  With Cyndi Lauper and Erasure!! And proceeds will help the Human Rights Campaign (of which I am a member.)  I loooove Cyndi Lauper, and I adore Erasure! I would want to see either one of them separately, but together, wow!

But, it’s not coming here to Phobe-burg, PA.  :(   Closest is Washington, DC.  And although I know people who like Cyndi and/or Erasure, I don’t know anyone who likes them enough to road-trip.

Thus, I need a gay friend.  Please submit your resume via email.  Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

One Response to “I need a gay friend”

  1. babs Says:

    Am not gay. But am a good fag hag. Though Phx. to DC is a bit hard to rationalize. I think Dresden Dolls are also playing this event, and you’d probably like them as well. Crap, they’re not playing in Phx. The wretches. Most of my Gays are too spread out and probably wouldn’t come to it with me.

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