So if you remember a couple weeks ago I mentioned that we ripped up the carpets and painted the walls in our office. To finish the process, we also rearranged and put in some new furniture.

The way the room was set up previously, we had our ugly old IKEA desk shoved into one corner, with a big worktable behind it. The worktable stuck way out into the middle of the room; in the small space, the result was total claustrophobia and a cramped cluttered feel. We decided that what we needed was to replace both pieces with one thinner yet longer table, and put it against the back wall to open up the middle of the room.

We thought this would be easy. Looking at IKEA’s website, we found two solutions: 1. a nice cheap long wood-looking table or 2. get some of the faux-wood kitchen countertop and just slap some legs on it. So off to IKEA we trekked. Turned out that 1. the cheap long table was not wood-looking, it was FUG-looking! OMG, hideous! It was out. Ok, so on to plan 2! We went to the kitchen dept.

“We’d like two lengths of that countertop, please.”
“Alright, we’ll get it ordered for you. It should be in in about two weeks.”

BZZT! Wrong answer!! Freakin’ Swedes and their freakin’ unstocked store! Why is the store so big IF THERE IS NOTHING EVER IN STOCK?!?

SOOoooooo, we ended up still buying the table legs at IKEA, then going to Lowes, buying a few pieces of really nice pine planking, staining and polyurethaning them, attaching the legs…basically building our own table to specs. *sigh* Why must everything be DIY if ya want anything nice? This process took all of the past weekend.

BUT the end result was well worth it. The office used to be dismal. Now I LOVE it! It looks ten times bigger, it’s colorful, cheerful, (relatively) uncluttered, it has personality. It’s just perfect and now it’s one of my favorite rooms in the house.

Here’s the “before.” I wish I had a better one to show you. This one is from the previous owners. We had way more stuff in the room; imagine the desk set up the same plus a table jutting out from the window.

on to the after….

Huzzah!!! Don’t ya love it? Go here to see all the pics.

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  1. LOUP Says:

    It looks great!! I love it!!

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