Rip It Up

That was what I did this weekend. BW and I have been putting it off and putting it off, but we finally hunkered down to rip the carpet out of the office.

The carpet in our house is really new, and in good condition, but I hate it anyway. It’s just that boring fluffy beige cheap carpet that you find in apartments and such. Definitely not what I would pick, if I had to have carpet. But really, why choose carpet at all? Carpet looks like ass eventually no matter what. Also, it especially sucked having carpet in the office…our bookshelves were sinking into it and leaning over precariously in all sortsa directions, it was hard to move the desk chair and printer cart…just wasn’t functional in there.

So out it came. Having had a bad experience in our last house with ripping up carpet and finding that the hardwood underneath was nasty, we were pleasantly surprised at the state of the underlying wood floor. It’s far from perfect; there’s some discoloration and a few areas where finish had worn off. But we slapped some Orange Glo refinisher on it, and you know what? It looks ok. Furniture hides the worst parts and I’ll be getting an area rug that will cover some more.

While we had all the furniture out of the room (which was a nightmare, btw!) we painted the walls, too. White be gone!! And no more mustard yellow window trim! Now the office is light purple. :)

I’m gonna hold off on posting pics until the new curtains, area rug, and desk get in.

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