It’s Hard Out There for a Pimp

I got my free custom Starbuck’s tee in the mail, and ooooh, is it nice! I kinda was half-expecting a cheapy white badly-printed thing, since it was free. But au contraire.

It’s actually really spiffy. It’s made of 100% organic cotton from some hippie t-shirt company in Oregon, it isn’t white (thank GAWD, I hate white t-shirts!) but more of a cream, it fits beautifully as it’s a ‘women’s fit’ shirt, and it has that nice silky texture one normally only finds in really expensive t-shirts from ‘Nanner ‘Public or GAP or higher end!

SBUX treats it’s hos good, y’all.

And as an added bonus, they sent me a little note saying that if I wear my new shirt to SBUX sometime this month, I will get the beverage depicted upon it for FREE! Sweet! Yessuh, massa is good to me.

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