Things in Pittsburgh that Don’t Suck v.3: A Little Cup of Happy

OMG, Pittsburgh has acquired a new something fabulous! We now have our very own gourmet cupcake shop! (Actually, I’m informed that we have two, but I am already a loyalist to the one in my ‘hood, so that’s the one I’m praising here.)

Dozen Cupcakes recently opened in Squirrel Hill. I was skeptical at first; a bakery that only sells cupcakes? What’s the deal with that? But then I learned that gourmet cupcakes are the New Trendy Thing in Real Cities across the land. And I’m all for anything, no matter how shallow and fleeting, that can make PGH resemble a Real City. And once I tried the cupcakes, I was totally sold.

They have a rotating menu (see the website above) that changes daily. Vanilla and chocolate are staples and served every day, but apart from those, the flavors are unique and creative. Orange blossom, mint meltaway, cafe mocha and cosmo are just some….and best of all…on Tuesdays & Fridays you can get ELVIS flavor! (That’s a ELVIS cake pictured above.)

These suckers are expensive ($2.50/cupcake), but well worth it. The cake part is light and melt-in-your-mouth. The icings….omg…the icings are unspeakably good. Buttercream flavors that are somehow both light and fluffy AND decadently rich! And a big abundand dollop graces each cupcake…no stinting on the icing here!

So far I’ve tried ELVIS, Cosmo, and the mint meltaway and each was fabulous in its own way. The ELVIS was a dense, almost bananabread-like banana cake with peanut butter buttercream icing. The cosmo was not only delicious, but LOOKED beautiful. It was white cake with cranberries, topped with pink-tinted, slightly tangy cran-flavored buttercream icing and decorated with a sprinkle of green sugar, a cranberry, and a piece of fresh lime. Gorgeous!! The mint meltaway was dark chocolate cake stuffed with mint cream and topped with dense dark chocolate ganache. Can’t wait to try more!

Besides the cupcakes, I like the whole package of Dozen. The shop is tiny, but so adorable, painted in a cheerful blue. I like their clean, simple logo. I like how their bags and business cards have a handmade-yet-classy look…the logo is stamped onto each by hand with a rubber stamp. It’s all very fun yet elegant. In keeping with that mood, they also cater weddings. Why have a stuffy old monster wedding cake when you can have fun, beautiful, fanciful cupcakes? Makes me want to get remarried or something, just to try it. In the meantime I shall nag Tim the Enchanter and his bride-to-be about it until they cave in. ;)

If you’re in the vicinity of Squirrel Hill, please check them out. Even if you aren’t, it’s worth a trip. Please, please patronize Dozen. We here in PGH have so very few Things That Don’t Suck, help us keep those precious few beacons of hope alive.

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  1. Wendy Says:

    They look wonderful! Wish there was something even remotely similiar here in Reading.

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