Lock the door and hide, it’s Domino’s!

Trash day in my neighborhood was recently changed from Thursday to Friday mornings. This means that when I go out for my traditional Friday AM Starbucks walk, I now stroll past people’s curbside refuse. Now, I have an odd tendency to actually look at people’s garbage…peering at it, checking out what people are throwing away. I don’t know why, but I can’t help doing it. I’m like a cultural anthropologist.

So while walking along, looking at the trash, I’ve started to notice something that really bugs me:

Of all the pizza boxes out on the curbs, I’d say about 80% of them are from Pizza Hut!!!

I guess to understand this rant you need to know that my neighborhood and the adjoining neighborhood are home to at least two dozen mom-n-pop pizza shops that carry every shape, style, thickness, and type of pizza, NewYork-to-Chicago, plain to gourmet toppings, you bloody name it! And a great many of them are really, really good. This area is Ground Zero for local pizza shops; about 4 or 5 of them routinely place in the top ten of “Best Pizza in PGH” polls every single year! All within a 1 mile or less radius of where I live….

…and yet people order from PIZZA HUT?!? The fuck??? Why, in the name of E and all that is sacred would anybody do that?

Hell, I couldn’t even tell you where the closest Pizza Hut to my house IS, let alone order from there. In fact until I started noticing the garbage, I didn’t even know we had one around here!

People are ‘tards.

2 Responses to “Lock the door and hide, it’s Domino’s!”

  1. hapnor Says:

    I KNOW!!!!! I’ll take mom&pop over PizzaSmut any day!!

  2. whistler Says:

    pizza is yucky, but corporate pizza sucks balls.

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