All Things Scottish: Day 3

Welcome to the beautiful City of Aberdeen!

BW and I visited Aberdeen in 2002, did not spend nearly enough time there, but fell in love with it. Aberdeen is where I plan/scheme/dream/hope to make my home if I can ever beg/borrow/steal/kill to get the means to get out of this toilet of a country.

Why love Aberdeen? Well,
–it’s lovely! Everything is made of matching granite
–unlike a lot of Scottish cities, it’s clean
–it’s big enough to have amenities, but not so big that it’s a crowded hole (pop 435,000)
–it’s on the North Sea
– it has great weather
– there’s no sprawl…5 minutes outside the city limits and you’re back in sheep-filled fields!

More facts about Aberdeen:
- it is the northernmost city in the UK!
- it’s historic! It’s been a city since the Dawn of Time, and it’s first official charter was granted in 1179!
- It has a University for BW to work at, (WITH a PET scanning dept.!) which was founded in 1495
- it has it’s own football club to root for (will someone buy me some team shirts?)
From my own experience, I know that downtown Aberdeen has a comics/weird cult movie store called Plan 9, a nightclub in an old church, an ancient cemetary, curry shops, a conveniently-located Starbucks, and a fabulous Marks&Spencer. What more do you want??

Here are some webcams of Aberdeen, so you can look for yourself. If I didn’t have to get to work, I’d just stare at these all day long and weep.

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