All Things Scottish

In honor of my History of Scotland class I’ve decided to devote this whole week to Scottish things because as it’s been said before and should be said again,

“If it’s nae Scottish, it’s CRAP!”

Today I’ll just write about the class itself. It’s going quite well so far, and I’m really enjoying it. I’m taking it on an audit/no-credit basis, so I don’t have to do any work at all, which I’m sure contributes a lot to how well it’s going. :) This is the most writing I’ve done for the class.

The prof seems like a cool guy, very laid-back, odd sense of humor, always trying to make little analogies that he thinks are funny. (And he likes to go off on tangents. As a result, I’ve already learned a bunch about the current state of Scottish politics that I never knew.) But I like him. So far we’ve covered the Roman period up through to about 1300, so it’s been great…I suppose it’ll be all down hill from here, though…I have little interest in anything that happened in the world after 1600.

Anyway, what pleasantly surprised me about this class was my fellow students.  I expected a roomful of mouth-breathing, sub-literate undergrads who were only enrolled because the course fulfilled some ‘world culture’ requirement and ‘World History 0001 for Jocks’ was filled up.  But nae, tis not so!  There are four older guys (over 50…whoo, I’m not the oldest person there!) in the class, several history majors, and a bunch of kids who are just really into Scotland.  On the first day, lots of people raised their hands when the prof asked who had been to Scotland.  Even more raised them when he asked who ‘considered themselves to be ethnically Scottish.’  (Heh. I raised my hand there too.)  One guy is a textbook stereotype Scot:  BIG, hefty, red hair, red shaggy beard…he was born in the US but his mom is Scottish.  He’s probably 19, but was nagging the prof with questions about the old Scottish regiments of the British Army!  (Maybe a Sharpe fan?)  Another guy, also a young undergrad, came up to the prof after class and volunteered to play bagpipes for us all some day in the spring…and then he was joined by another kid who is also studying bagpiping!  They left class deeply engrossed in some piper chat.

It all just blew my mind.  I didn’t think The Youth today were capable of any interests outside of the contents of an XBox and/or a case of cheap beer.  It restored a microscopic bit of hope.  And a class is so much more engaging when it’s full of enthusiasts.  Will keep you posted if I ever get to hear the two bagpiper guys play.

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  1. hapnor Says:

    Wow, that actually sounds enjoyable (for a class). My aunt plays the bagpipes, everyone jokes about her being a ‘blowhard.’ Its nice taking a class for entertainment in’it? :cool:

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