Hooray for the ALA

Next week is the American Library Association’s annual mid-winter conference in Seattle…are you going?? ME NEITHER! (In fact, and don’t tell anyone, I’m not even a member of the ALA. OMG, my professional cred is shot!)

I love ALA week. (They have a second meeting in early fall, too.) My boss and every other librarian in the world, plus all the library-product vendors, go. Everyone but me. PEACE for a whole week! The phone doesn’t ring…no stupid emails asking stupid questions…no bitching…

I usually use the time as a sort of vacation. This year I’ll be using it to actually get some work done. I have my job-related website to build, and I have to do it with the world’s worst content-management system (thanks, Inept Web Guys!) *sigh* Still, I’m looking forward to hunkering down for some geekwork uninterrupted by ‘customer service’ bull. And the sooner I can get this damn thing done, the sooner I can go back to slacking! Wish me luck.

By the way, the ALA publishes a cool series of celebrity posters that are supposed to promote reading. Always some celeb who has probably never picked up a book in his/her life posing with an appropriate book, and the word READ in big bold letters. You’d be surprised at some of the worthwhile people they get for these things. Back in high school, my library co-workers bought me a Sting one that was amazingly hot (alas it is out of print.) Now there’s a Weird Al one, even Salma Hayek, AND they just added a brand-new Ewan MacGregor! I may have to pick that one up. Anyway, check em out, you may find your fave fanobject.

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  1. hapnor Says:

    but….you don’t want the Roethlisberger poster…? I thought you did your bathroom in black and gold? err was it pink and black.. :mrgreen:

  2. barbara Says:

    Ooh, such nice pictures for the celebrity read posters. Thanks. Would it be okay if I put your entry on my blog? If not, no big. I remember the David Bowie picture from years past that I used to walk by and swoon at. The Barbara Gordon bookmarks are cool, too. So much swag, so little time.

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