The Ubiquitous “What Are You Reading” Post

Yeah, when all other attempts to think up meaningful content fail, a blogger can always rely on this handy space-filler. :) So without further delay, here’s my current/upcoming reading.

I just finished Hello Americans, part 2 of Simon Callow’s planned 3-part biography of Orson Welles. Part 3 should be out in…oh…another ten years or so.

I’m now reading The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory. Soapy sudsy fun as sisters compete for the dubious attentions of Henry VIII. It seems like anymore I only like fiction if it’s historical fiction…

Unless, of course, it’s fiction by my pal Truman Capote! I’m also reading The Glass Harp, which I got for Xmess.

On my To-Read list is a bunch of geeky stuff that I’m very excited about that I am either expecting in the mail soon or have on request from the library.

1. The book for my Scottish history course, appropriately called Scotland: A History

2. Medieval Iceland: Saga, Society, and Power

3. Strategies of Passion: Love and Marriage in Medieval Iceland and Norway

(It’s been a while since I went on a good Viking stuff binge.)

4. Thunderstruck, the new one by Erik Larson. (Author of Devil in the White City.) If you like fairly recent history, and the history of technology, read his stuff. It’s not Historical Fiction, it’s history that reads like fiction!

And that’s it. How about you?

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