Black is the new Black

So we’ve mostly finished up our bathroom remodel. We put in a new toilet, new sink/vanity, and new floor. We still need new lights, but that will come later.


I’m really happy with the results, especially the vanity. Our old vanity stuck out so far that when you stepped out of the shower you only had about 9 inches to put your feet in. The new vanity is only 18in. deep, so it buys us a lot more real estate. When your bathroom is as small as ours is, every inch counts!

The decor is Elvisy. Why? Why the fuck NOT? :) I got the idea for an Elvis bathroom back when we were shopping for houses and came across a few that had all-pink bathroom tile. We didn’t end up with one of those, but the idea stuck, and anyway I was really sick of my old “tropical fish” theme.

You can’t see all the decor in the photos, but there’s framed pics of young Elvis primping in a hotel bathroom, a pink mirror, pink candles, the E shower curtain, and I went out and bought what I thought were the two Devil Duckies most likely to win The King’s approval (a pink one and a leopard one.) Pink n’ black n’ shiny, baby!

Click here for the full tour and before/afters.

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  1. hapnor Says:

    Fabulous!!!! Yeah baby! What pops in my mind is:

    Now listen and I’ll tell you baby
    What I’m talking about.
    Come on back to me, little girl,
    So we can play some house.

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