Everybody PANIC!!!!

Oh lord, this does not bode well for the new year.

At the Target checkout on Sunday, I spied that the Ginger Altoids were all marked down with clearance stickers. While it is good in the short run to stock up on cheaper mints, WHY were they on clearance?!?! WHY??? What can it MEAN? Just an old batch to get rid of, or something far more sinister: is Target going to stop carrying them???!?

OR…the utterly unthinkable……

Are they going the way of ALL food products that I like (RIP Vanilla Coke and so many countless others) and being discontinued by the manufacturer?!?!?! Could it be possible??

I cannot even contemplate that! I am all a-twitch with paranoia! I cannot LIVE without the Ginger Altoids! They are my junkie medicinal crutch!!

Someone tell me it’s going to be ok!!!

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  1. hapnor Says:

    I loooooove ginger altoids and I noticed this myself. They now have the ginger one’s, only chocolate covered….weird

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