Hanes His Way

I Netflixed the great film noir Criss Cross the other day. I’ve seen it many times before, but since I had the dvd on hand this time I decided to make a screen cap to share with you what, IMO, is one of the best single frames in moviedom.

I can never remember the plot of this movie (I always get it confused with The Killers, which had the same director, star, and composer), but I always remember that it’s the one with the scene where you get to stare at Burt Lancaster’s back in an undershirt.

Burt aside, look at the nice composition of that frame. It’s marvelous and Burt’s back just elevates it to Art. :)

Here’s the scene from the front:

If Gable in It Happened One Night made the country stop buying undershirts, Lancaster in Criss Cross should have made them start again. Not that they would have been anywhere near as flattering on Joe Citizen of 1949 as on Burt, but hope springs eternal.

See the things you miss if you don’t watch old movies?

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