Oh just yuck.

Yes, this is one of those annual boring “bitch about the weather in Pittsburgh” posts.  Gawd.  It’s been 60 all week.  Now it’s 60 and drizzling.  Do you know how UGLY Xmas decorations look when it’s 60 and drizzling?  There are no words for how ugly that is.  All my holiday motivation and/or will to live is just broken.  I still have things to bake and stuff to wrap, but fuck it.

Meanwhile, the movie forecast is just as bleak.  Is it me, or is there just nothing at all on the horizon?  I mean, not even FAR OFF on the horizon.  I kinda want to see The Good German, but that’s it.  I got in my latest issue of Premiere, and read their “2007 movie preview.”  All I can say is, if THOSE movies were all they could scrounge up for noteworthy films for 2007, I am going to spend the year hiding under a rock.  Ugh.

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