What a very busy weekend.

Saturday, went to pick out a Yule tree in the morning, then spent all day decorating.  I like decorating for Yule, but it does get damn tiring after like 8 hours.  But everything looks good, and we were surprised that we found a tree that fits nicely in our wee little house.  Am trying to resist the urge to run out and buy all new decorations, like I did at Halloween.

Sunday I had a cat spay/neuter clinic to attend.  This one was just really exhausting.  They had close to 70 cats, had started late, and it just seemed like there was no end to them.  And something was up with the humans that day, where everyone was just SLOW…the vets…the techs…the volunteers.  It just dragged on and was draining.  Also, the cat organization doesn’t have it’s own facility; we work at a local animal shelter that lets us use some space in their building.  The downside of that is that while we’re there, we can see all the animals that have been dumped at the shelter/are waiting for adoption and/or death.  The room where we do post-op on the cats is a pre-op room where shelter animals who need medical treatment are kept.  So while we’re standing around waiting for the next batch of cats to come through, we can look at these critters and read their paperwork…which lists the “reasons” given for why they were given to the shelter. *fume*
All I can say is, I’ve finally decided what my Dream Job is.  I want to spend my days lurking near the front door of an animal shelter.  With a lead crowbar.  And when people approach, I’ll step out as if I’m gonna open the door for them and ask politely whether they’re dropping off an animal or picking one up to adopt.  If they answer “dropping off”, I will then BEAT the motherfuckers’ SKULLS in with my crowbar.  That would give me job satisfaction for the rest of my life, I promise.

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  1. LOUP Says:

    You have NO IDEA … *grins* … It really does suck ballz. Having to be polite to people because if you aren’t there to take their “problem” off their hands they will just dump him or her off around the corner and down the road.

    I hate people.

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