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Something I learned recently:

Cookie scoops: they rock!

A while ago I picked up this cool resin-and-silicone cookie scoop. I forget where I got it; probably Target or Bed/Bath/Beyond. Anyway, then I forgot all about it until Monday when I was making some oatmeal cookies. You know how oatmeal cookie dough is super thick and hard to scoop (and since I like my cookies extra-chewy, I make the dough even heavier and more dense)? I scooped about a half-dozen cookies until my pitiful little teaspoon bent at the neck and -then- I remembered the scoop.

What a big difference! That thing probably cut my dough-scooping time in half, plus it was just so much less of a hassle. My particular scoop is made out of some super-indestructible plastic called ‘Lexan’ (ooh, how futuristic!) so no worries about bending/breaking. Then it has a little silicone circle on the back that you just press on to release the dough…no more nudging/prying the dough off of a spoon with fingers, getting all doughy/sticky and making the cookies unhygenic. (Who wants my finger germs in their cookies? Not me.) And best of all, using the scooper gives you cookies that are all a uniform size! I’ve had problems with that for my entire life. I always made cookies that were so different in size that half the pan would burn while the rest were raw. Or else I made them too big…recipe said it would make 5 dozen cookies, I’d get 2 dozen. Or, knowing that I usually make them too big, I’d then overcompensate and end up with cookies that were way too small. Gah! See why I hate baking? Anyway, using a cookie scoop takes all of the guesswork/eyeballing out of the process and you get nice, normal-sized cookies that all look and cook alike. Yippie!

If you make a lot of drop-style cookies, I think it’s the best $4 you’ll spend. You can also get much more expensive cookie scoops that are designed like ice cream scoops with the handle you squeeze to release the dough. I think they sell those at Williams-Sonoma, if you’re into kitchen extravagance.

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  1. hapnor Says:

    ooooh I love space-age plastic! the silicone button rocks! it is now on my things to buy list!

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