A compatriot!

Ah-HA! I can’t believe it, I found another film reviewer who agrees with me about Nicholson in The Departed and in general! Fry me up some of that sacred cow burger, baby! :)

Read whole review here


enjoy these juicy excerpts:

It’s a testament to the rest of the cast that Nicholson’s self-worshipping train-wreck of a performance doesn’t sink the entire film. But for him, The Departed would have been one of the great films of the year, a fine piece of pulp fiction graced by superior acting and smart scriptwork.”


Less an actor these days than a grinning, dancing clown named JACK!”


Given how hard people like Damon, DiCaprio and Famiga are working in practically every scene it’s practically an insult to see Nicholson caper into his scenes to do his Jack shtick, all mugging and naughty-boy grins.”


Thank you Chris Barsanti, whoever you are. I wish I could buy you a drink.

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