Student of the Stupid

That’s me!

Finally BW has been re-employed at U. of Pitt long enough for me to qualify for free classes, so yesterday I enrolled. Now this is Pitt, so they don’t have any courses I could take to, say, learn a new trade, change my life, or enhance my career path. Quelle joke! So that means any courses I’ll take will be purely subjects I want to study for learning’s sake and entertainment value.

With that in mind, the class I signed up for yesterday is…History of Scotland! :) It meets two mornings a week, starting in Jan. I’m going to audit it so I don’t have to do any work other than read.

Although I wouldn’t mind learning a new trade or enhancing my career path, there is something wonderful about going to classes without the burden of GOALS, or the eventual outcome, or the need to “get a job” with whatever I learn. Screw that noise, I already put in my time (and then some) for that! In the coming semesters, I wanna take

  • more medieval history
  • Gaelic language
  • film studies
  • brush up my German
  • physical anthropolgy
  • and more film studies!

and all those things that I love which have absolutely ZERO earning potential! Hooray for “worthless” knowledge!

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  1. LOUP Says:

    Worthless knowledge is my favorite kind.

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