Love in a Tube

It’s very weird, what with me being the lifelong big fan/whore/advocate of MAC cosmetics, that I’d never actually bought a tube of their lipstick before. Lipgloss, yes, but never the lipstick. I don’t really buy lipstick that often because I don’t wear it that often…I usually find it too thick and gloppy for me.
Well, THAT has changed!

Every year, MAC puts out a shade of lipstick called ‘Viva Glam.’ A new shade each year bears the name, and the entire purchase price from the sale of Viva Glam goes to support AIDS research. (Unlike some other retail charity ventures that give 10% or some negligible amount.) Then usually some sort of lame celeb like Elton John or Pam Anderson promotes Viva Glam in the print ads. I appreciated the cause, but I never 1. liked the Viva Glam shades or 2. liked the Viva Glam celeb spokespeople before. But this year, I really liked the color (see above) AND the ads featured Dita Von Teese and Lisa Marie Presley! So I broke down and bought a tube (I also did a quick inventory of my lipstick supply and found that all of my lipstick was either 10+ years old, or else I hated it.)

Wow! I can’t believe I wasted so many years of my life not using MAC lipstick! The stuff is awesome! Best lipstick I’ve ever used. It goes on very light, creamy but not gunky, and smooth. It feels more like a healthy lip balm than a lipstick. Even the tube is of high quality…I know this sounds stupid, but it’s really well-made…and looks beautiful! (see above.) The Viva Glam 6 shade is so perfect for me, I literally threw away all my other lipstick. But now that I know how awesome MAC’s lipstick is, I’ll be picking up more colors in the future. (I hear they make a great classic retro/1940′s matte red.) And the price is right…only $14 a tube….great for such quality!
The only bad thing I can say about it is that it isn’t long-lasting. It comes off easily and you do have to re-apply a lot. But I’ve never found a lipstick where that wasn’t the case, even the so-called “all day/lasting wear” ones. Pfaah. No such thing.

So go buy some Viva Glam (all the previous 5 shades are still available too, if you don’t like 2006′s)…you’ll look good, your lips will feel good, and you’ll have done something for a good cause…all for under $15.

Meanwhile, since I’m a MAC user in both senses of the word, and since Apple computer always likes to portray itself as socially aware and good and decent and hippy-earthy-crunchy , I’ve wondered why the two companies don’t team up in some joint project. Wouldn’t that be fabulous?? In my perfect world, there’d be special edition MAC Macs, in lipstick and eye shadow shades. Like so:

Smashing, no? They’d sell like hotcakes, I promise you. Steve? Are you out there, you lame bastard? Listen to me…..WHITE IS NOT THE ANSWER. COLOR, Steve, COLOR! You had the right idea once, and you f’ed it up. It’s not too late to fix it! Think about it, won’t you?

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  1. LOUP Says:

    Oooo I’d be first in line to get a pink/purple MAC mac … yummy!!

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