What I Did on my Vacation

Basically, nothing. Which was sort of the point. With classes and work, BW didn’t feel up to a real “go away-stay in hotels-see lots of tourist junk-run around-busy busy” vacation. Instead, we opted for a (mostly) at-home vacation. We:

1. Went to Cook Forest (one of PA’s only old-growth forests) for a few days, hiked and hiked, stayed at a cute B&B

2. Ate out a lot.

3. Hit a bunch of used cd/dvd/book stores and for once found LOTS of stuff on our ‘want’ lists!

4. Shopped at the brand new Trader Joe’s

5. Read

6. Watched movies

7. BW finished up his garage work and installed a new toilet. (He wanted to…no, really!)

8. I bought my PEBL! Phone is even nicer in person! I adore it! Only downside is, I’m having trouble getting the Bluetooth functionality going. But is otherwise fab. I ordered it from TigerDirect.com…I never bought from them before but WOW, great service, amazingly quick yet cheap shipping! If you need any electronic goods, I’d highly recommend!

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  1. LOUP Says:

    what color PEBL did you get?

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