So yesterday morning I was watching this documentary about Nikola Tesla (which I highly recommend to you all.) And as we all know, Tesla was known as The Master of Lightning. As I was watching the show, my eyes roamed around my office, and fell upon my ELVIS TCB postcard, with it’s proud lightning bolt insignia.

The Master of Lightning….Elvis chooses the lightning bolt as his own personal symbol, part of his Code For Living…and then of course we all know Dave Bowie (who PLAYS Tesla in The Prestige) and his immortal, iconic, defining image of his face with the lightning bolt.

Is it just a case of Great Minds Thinking Alike? Or is there some deeper, cosmic resonance…a message that we must ponder and discover? Given that Elvis is both omniscient and omnipotent, and Tesla (for all intents and purposes) is darn close to it, I have to assume the latter. The Lord E does nothing by accident. And where does Bowie fit in? Is he a messenger? A human worthy enough to be taught some of the knowledge of the Great Ones…a John the Baptist-type figure? It is not for me to know.

These are questions that must be pondered deeply, and at great length. Then only, perhaps, will the link, the meaning, be made clear. It’s a good thing then that this blog is on vacation for a week. Dwell on this question, and let me know if you have any divine revelations after I get back.

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