THIS right here is why guns should be outlawed. ALL of them! Every kind! I don’t CARE about your fucking rights! Libertarians FUCK OFF. No one has any RIGHT to do this, unless they then immediately turn the gun around and blow their own head off. FUCKERS! I hope whoever did this is caught, strung up by his (You KNOW it was a male. My money says a teen male.) tesiticles, and horsewhipped like a pinata until he bleeds to death.

*incoherent scream of rage*

Hunter’s three beagles are killed in the field

Monday, October 30, 2006

By Karen Kane, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Friday was a day off work for Larry Nahay, to be spent in rustic climes with a few buddies and his faithful companions at his side. Minnie, Millie, and Maddy, pure-bred beagles who loved nothing better than a trek through the woods with their master, were as excited as ever.

Mr. Nahay and his troupe had landed in Loyalhanna Township, Westmoreland County, about a 30-minute drive from his home in Jefferson Hills. Since it’s small game season, they were set on hunting rabbits.

Now, Mr. Nahay and the Pennsylvania State Police, as well as the Pennsylvania Game Commission, are hunting for game of the two-legged variety: the person who fired multiple shots at point-black range into Minnie, Millie and Maddy, killing the dogs.

Human excrement, pure and simple. Some babies should just be smothered at birth.

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  1. Wendy Says:

    May they burn in hell!

  2. LOUP Says:

    I hate humans!

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