Conservatives, chew on this…

I am going to re-post (with permission) a piece written by a brilliant writer in a usenet group that I frequent. The piece is addressed to those people who consider themselves politically conservative, and it asks them to examine the traditional core values of conservatism, compare them with the Bush regime, and THINK, truly THINK before knee-jerk voting for Dubya. I think it’s a great little piece and so without further ado, here’s one for all the conservatives out there:

“But if you are, indeed a conservative, *think* for a
moment of the core conservative values which have guided the Republican
Party for decades.

1. Fiscal conservatism. A rational approach to social programs, curtailed
spending on federal items, thoughtful approach to taxes and budgets. Has
this administration toed that line? Have they been good stewards of the
power and money entrusted to them by the voters?

2. Foreign policy. The Republican Party has always had, as its platform, a
less intrusive stance on foreign policy. “Live and let live” and a sort
of stand-offish attitude with relation to other countries’ internal affairs. This
administration has meddled in places, gone to war against a country that
was *NOT* implicated in 9/11 on a plan that existed BEFORE 9/11.

3. Truth. While I am a Democrat, I have always rather admired most
conservatives because they DO value truth highly. They take a principled
stance on responsibility and truth-telling and they lay claim to moral
high ground based on that stance. This administration has lied to us
about the motivations for war in Iraq, the reasons for the PATRIOT act,
have stood for secrecy and obfuscation in governmental affairs, military
spending and more. The President’s military record alone ought to raise
alarm bells, but the secrecy about energy policy, the back-room deals
with industry, the governmental interference with the FOIA… all these
are indications that something is seriously wrong.

4. Individual Freedoms. The idea of “Who governs least governs best” and
the idea that people ought to be let alone. Can you honestly square that
with warrantless search and seizure, increased surveillance, government
subpoenaing of medical records of women who have terminated pregnancies
LEGALLY, people in jail who have no access to lawyers, civil rights
violations and worse?

5. States’ Rights. The current administration flatly denies states the
right to certain decisions such as legalized medical marijuana, gay
civil unions, abortion and other things of which they disapprove. Are
they REALLY for the interests of the individual states or are they
enforcing their own agenda onto states against our will?

There is a LOT more I could detail, Election irregularities, electronic
voting and ties with the GOP, shady business dealings, military service,
etc, but the bottom line is this: Conservatives have the right to vote
for the government they feel is best and, if they win the election, they
have a right to GET the government they want… but is this
administration the standard-bearer of TRUE conservatism? By true
conservatism, I mean the ideals of Dwight Eisenhower of the TRUE
republican party, the party of Abraham Lincoln and the majority of
american people? Those who stand for fair open and honest government.

Liberals do NOT hold a monopoly on such things and the dichotomy between
the classical “liberal” versus “conservative” has always stood not for
“He’s right and she’s wrong” but a division on how best to get to where
we need to go. We have not always had such a vile demonization between
sides. I am not asking you to vote for a liberal. I would not presume to
know you that well or to presume I know more than you… but what I *am*
asking is for you, and for OTHER conservatives who feel that their valid
and heartfelt ideals (and they ARE valid and good!) are being discarded,
to THINK about the current administration and ask themselves “is this
guy really a conservative I can support?”

It isn’t about opposing liberals. It is about upholding conservative
values that are REAL and TRUE. IS this President and the men behind him
TRULY a conservative or is he something more extreme? More dangerous?

If he were, to my mind, a TRUE conservative in the 1950′s republican
mold, I would grit my teeth and sigh wearily and wait it out… but he
is not that sort of Republican, nor are the men who put him into office!”

–originally written by Swan

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