Oh by the way, we painted our guest room/den. Did it quite a while ago, just kept forgetting to post pics.

See them all here.

I so love it now! It’s like a dark and vaguely exotic little den. :) Not only did we paint, we redecorated. For years, we always did our guest room in a half-assed Southwestern theme. Our futon cover was Southwestern patterned, and we had some Native art on the walls. Not much. Then we finally asked ourselves, “Why?” I’ve never even BEEN to the Southwest. Yeah, the art is pretty, but holds no special meaning for me. So we scrapped all that and replaced it with something that does have meaning: Scotland. Our spiritual home. Our goal in life. And IMO, more beautiful than the most beautiful desert in the SW. I wanted to get a plaid futon cover to keep it Scottish, but couldn’t find one that wasn’t ugly. So we got the one pictured above…lovely rich gold, red, and purple colors…I really dig it.

So, does this tempt anyone to come and stay?? :)

2 Responses to “Redrum…Redrum…”

  1. hapnor Says:

    Wow, looks great! I always wondered about your SW theme….it didn’t seem to “fit.” So much better now! I can put my mind at ease now! That paint color is beautiful. May I ask what color? I am now painting kitchen cabinets in our new house. Dare I say that I am sick of painting?!?!

  2. LOUP Says:

    It looks great!!

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