Da roof, da roof…

Like I said, we finally finished up the roofing project. The roof on the main body of the house is fine, installed just a few years ago. But for whatever reason, the homeowners decided not to put new shingles on the small roofs over the front porch and the kitchen addition. Our home inspector told us that these two roofs were beyond shot, and needed to be replaced immediately.

We debated what to do for a while, until we stumbled upon this roofing product at Lowes called Ondura. Being the cheap, lazy tree-hugggers we are, it appealed to us on all of those levels and more!

  1. Besides the product itself being inexpensive, it is also easy enough to install that you can DIY and save on labor.
  2. You put it on right OVER your old roofing! No ripping off of old shingles required! Saves on work!
  3. No old shingles going into landfills, good for environment.
  4. The Ondura stuff itself is made from recycled material.
  5. As an aesthetic bonus, it kinda looks like Spanish tile from a distance.

So that’s what we did. BW and Tim the Enchanter worked on the kitchen roof last month, then there was a long delay because we needed more Ondura sheets, didn’t have a truck to haul them in, weather was too crappy to work outside, etc etc etc. But now it is DONE, thank E.

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