Bloody hell!

Let me tell you about my craptacular weekend!

Friday: Our car’d been acting funny.  We were afraid the tranny was bad, and would cost us thousands and/or require us to buy a new car.  The good news is, that wasn’t the problem — there was an electrical component messed up in the ‘shifting module.’  Whatever that is.  The bad news is, we still had to spend $500, and waste 5 hours of our lives stuck in the Monroeville Mall while the car was in the shop! Gack.

Saturday:  Started out well.  Great weather, so BW and I decided to finally (finally!) finish up working on the roof. Spent the day doing that, got it 3/4 done, then we were supposed to go out w/Cheri and Jimmy for dinner and movie.  I’d gotten a certificate in the mail from the area Trendy Sushi Place for a free entree for my birthday.  Awesome, right? BZZT!  We get to the place at 5:00 and they tell us there is an HOUR AND A HALF wait. At 5:00!! The hell?! NOBODY goes out to eat at 5pm except for me and little old ladies…I mean, that’s why I GO at 5pm! So we can’t get in there.  We eat someplace else but I don’t care cause I wanted sushi.

Then we head over to see The Prestige.  My most-anticipated movie of the fall, right?  We start watching it…it’s great…it’s exceeding my expectations….Bowie as Tesla…it rocks, it’s perfect….Hugh Jackman, OMG….wow…and then….

Three-quarters of the way through the movie, the fire alarm goes off and we all have to vacate the building!!! AAAAAUUUUUGH! No, there was no fire but they can’t just let us back in because the fire dept. has to come and inspect the place, and they have to rewind them film (why??), yadda yadda yadda, here’s your free ticket, come back some other time.


So there ya have it.  I’m SO glad I read The Prestige the book, else I’d be going insane trying to figure out how it ends.  Gonna get out to see it again (the whole way through?) later this week.  I’d hoped to have a review for you today, but….

Sunday BW finished the roof.  I’ll get some pics up in a day or so.

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  1. LOUP Says:

    ah that blows!! That is what you get for trying to celebrate early. = )

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