You know, I don’t know why the sheer incompetence and stupidity of people in LA continues to surprise me, and yet sometimes it still does. Last night was supposed to be the premiere of ma baby Donal’s new series, The Knights of Prosperity. Supposed to be. But literally at the last minute (the announcement was made on Monday), they yanked it! Not because of negative buzz…on the contrary, critics who’ve seen it have been really enthusiastic about it. Not because of tough competition…nothing else was on in its planned Tuesday 9pm slot. But because the dipshits at ABC “didn’t feel they had had the time to sufficiently promote it.”

Uh…well, who the hell’s fault is that?!? Shouldn’t you clowns have realized that, oh, months ago back when you were feverishly promoting Ugly Betty and all your other lame new shows?? How did KOP just slip your mind? Whatdja do, lose your post-it note that said

  • pay for yoga class
  • buy cheese
  • pick up Bethyneigh-Madison’s birthday cake
  • think up ad campaign for KOP

??? HUH??? I mean, how much money does the typical ABC exec make, and they do not have TIME to promote one other show?! I make $20k a year, but I get my shit done.

*sigh* Anyway, now KOP is being pushed back to a possible mid-season January debut. So they can prepare their marketing strategy. Alls I gotta say is, with all the extra time they had BETTER promote the motherfuck out of KOP! I wanna see ads for it, I wanna see a big feature on Donal in People’s annual Sexiest Man Alive issue, I wanna see his face up on billboards, I wanna see KOP banner ads on Netflix, I wanna see Donal as a guest on The Daily Show, and I want an underground fan cult to form on the internet before the show is ever even seen! You’re gonna make me suffer for 4 more months so you can publicize, then you’d better PUBLICIZE.

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  1. LOUP Says:

    That does suck … we had it wishlist’d for tivo.

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