Snip em Up, Move em Out

A few months ago, I started volunteering. It’s something I’ve meant to do ever since I got my part-time/from-home job five years ago, but when I was stranded in Crack Monkey Land it just took too much effort. Now that I’m centrally located, it’s a different story.

I used (thanks Loup!) and found a group called the Homeless Cat Management Team. Their goal is to spay and neuter as many stray and feral cats in SW PA that they can get their hands on, the ultimate aim being to make life better for the existing stray colonies and reduce or elimate their numbers in the future. Fewer cats living miserable, short lives out on the streets. They don’t go out and round up the cats themselves…for that they rely on those indiviuals who know about or maybe even feed stray colonies in their neighborhoods. What they do is provide free spay/neuter clinics twice a month, every month.

I’ve been to two of these clinics so far, and they are pretty amazing. They’re set up like a little MASH unit for kitties. They want to serve as many cats as quickly as possible, but while still providing good care, so everything is set up in units…triage, surgery, post-op, recovery. Sometimes there are a lot of cats, and it’s a little odd to see them, all konked out from the anaesthesia and stacked up like cord wood. But everyone these cares a lot, and if an individual cat is having problems, it will get the attention it needs.

Yesterday, I worked in post-op, and it was pretty fun.  I liked the hands-on aspect; you get to actually handle the cats.  The cats are brought into post-op straight after their surgeries and while they’re still knocked out we have to clean their ears, check for mites, apply treatment stuff, make sure the cat is hydrated, apply Frontline, do a quick groom to remove any nasty matts or snarls, and check for microchips.  From there they move on to the recovery room.

The only sad thing about this work is that not all of these cats are truly feral.  There are plenty that seem like friendly, loving animals who’d be fine in a home, but they just happen to be stray.  It sucks that these have to be let back out into the wild after their surgeries, but the group doesn’t have the space or resources to try to do adoptions too.  We have to just hope that some of the people miding the cat colonies will be good enough to make an effort for the ones they think are adoptable.

Overall, I think it’s a good cause.  I’d love to see a project like this in place for stray and feral humans and orphaned sprogs.  Round em’ up, snip em, send them back to their minders.  The world would be such a better place.

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  1. hapnor Says:

    Oh wow! That is really great! Congrats on your efforts!

  2. LOUP Says:

    Glad you found something!!!

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