Dear Mrs. Gable

Today is Carole Lombard’s birthday. I’m not that well-versed in Ms. Lombard’s lore or films, but I have a great respect and affection for her anyway. In the few films of hers I’ve seen, she is great. Perfect comic timing, smart but could play the ditz, and so, so gorgeous. Look at her rocking that suit up there! Look! But despite her beauty, she seems a little more ‘normal’ than most 1930′s babes. Someone you could know in real life, perhaps a girlfriend you’d go out for drinks with.

Then of course, she married Clark Gable. Most women who married Gable, you’d hate just on principle, but not Lombard. Who could hate her? And by all accounts they were so happy together, and the proof is in the newsreel footage and photos of them…they genuinely seem perfect for each other. I couldn’t help but be happy for them; especially for Gable to have finally found True Love after his several marriages of convenience.

Then of course, she died in that plane crash in 1942. One of the great tragedies of Hollywood history. They say Gable tried to scale the mountain to the wreckage with the rescue parties, and that he never got over Carole’s death. Poor Clark. Poor Carole. It makes me want to cry.

I hate to wrap up a birthday post on such a downer note. Alas, there aren’t that many Lombard movies on DVD yet…I hope that injustice gets fixed soon, so we can all watch and remember Lombard as she was in life, instead of sitting around bemoaning her death.

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