You can add another -free suffix to our credentials.  Not only are we childfree, smokefree, SUVfree, and religionfree, we are now….VERIZONFREE!! :)

Finally, we got our Vonage set up.  It was a long process; first we had to switch from Verizon DSL to cable internet because the Vonage isn’t very compatible with DSL.  Then we had to wait for our phone number to be transferred.  But at last there is no more Verizon in our lives, Elvis be praised! I can’t begin to tell you how happy I’ll be to NEVER EVER hear the evil voice of the fake woman on Verizon’s ‘customer service’ lines.  No matter whether you were calling about phone or DSL, you always got the same fake, smarmy little faux-human voice. Something about it’s tone was so condescending, I wanted to reach through the phone line and throttle it’s faux-throat after 30 seconds.  And the fact that they did not ALLOW you to punch in numbers to navigate the menu!! You HAD to talk to the recording like a fool!!! AUUUGH! I can’t stand that!

So goodbye to all that, and good bye to paying $50/month for phone service even though we hardly ever call anybody. Fie on thee, Verizon! No, I CAN’T hear you now!

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