Erin Go Blah!

Many, many years ago there was a beautiful Celtic culture, with it’s own indigenous languages, arts, traditions, and religious practices. One by one, the lands where this culture thrived were overrun and taken over by invading Christians who slaughtered the holy men and converted the people. Until all that remained was one holdout, one stronghold of this culture…a small, isolated, lovely green island.

And then one man came to the island, and promoted his hokey religion so thoroughly that even that emerald bastion of Celtic ways fell to the homogenizing power of Jeezus. All that history, lost. The ancient culture so completely destroyed that all that passes for it today are Enya records.

Yes, by all means, let’s celebrate that by putting green food coloring in everything and having a frickin’ parade.

Goodness knows, Christianity has been so beneficial to the Irish people. When was the last time anyone heard of druids blowing each other up with car bombs?

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