That Thud You Hear

Is the sound of Fall falling.

At least according to the calendar. Weather-wise, it’s still 80 here which totally blows, because I am extra psyched for fall and Halloween this year!

I don’t know why. I mean, when it comes to Halloween, I usually run around acting like a 5 yr. old on Xmess morning. But this year I’m more so. I am bouncing off the walls with anticipation of Halloween decorating! And I feel the urge to go get more decorations!! I think it may be the new house making me want new decorations. There’s some yard things I want at JoAnn’s, and I haven’t even seen what Target will have this year, and I found this fall harvest festival that I want to go to (pick your own pumpkins! wow!), and I’ve already got some new Halloween cookie cutters, and….and….IEEEEE!!!…

why can’t it be October/cold already, dammit??!?!

Oh, and I got a bit of a birthday preview yesterday.  My mom read my wants list, and jumped the gun and sent me the Vosges chocolate!!  There are 9 ‘aztec’ truffles, a Red Fire bar, and a box of ‘aztec’-style hot cocoa (with chiles and cinnamon).  The packaging was so beautiful, I hated to open it.  The truffles came in a purple box, and they just looked like little jewels all nestled in there.  :) Thanks ma!

Now I have another reason to wish for true fall to hurry along…so I can try this cocoa.

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  1. hapnor Says:

    Trax Farms have an amazing maize maze SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET! I love Love LOVE cornstalk mazes. Yippeee! When ya goin’? I gotta go too!

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