It Happened One Birthday

Happy Birthday to Claudette Colbert!

I’m not sure really what to write about CC. I mean, I don’t have to cook up an impassioned essay to try to get you to like Claudette Colbert, do I? Everybody likes Claudette Colbert, don’t they?

She was the original Cleopatra, way before Liz Taylor and that bloated Techicolor travesty. I always think of Claudette of being a “good girl” because of all the noble mom roles she got stuck with later in her career, but in 1932 she was freaking out the censors in DeMille’s pre-code The Sign of the Cross. And of course, everyone has seen It Happened One Night, haven’t they?

Haven’t they?!

Sometimes I really wonder about people.

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  1. hapnor Says:

    I can’t think of Ms. Colbert without thinking about Mr. Gable. I can’t think about Mr. Gable without thinking Yum!

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