Media Mambo

In my very scientific monitoting of the local news outlets yesterday, I found that “Dead Mayor” is still trumping “Big Ben Has Surgery” as the lead news story/above-the-fold article.

Frankly, I’m surprised.  I have a feeling that, at the tv stations at least, they are gnawing their own legs off in frustration that these two stories are happening at the same time.  What a shame to have to maintain the pretense of dignity and keep covering the Bob O’Connor story when instead they could have special features with doctors explaining “what appendectomies mean to me”, or some rubbish.

Meanwhile, the ex-Mayor’s funeral is tomorrow (AND the Steeltard season opener.  How utterly tacky.) The procession will be passing right through my neighborhood, and he is being buried at the cemetary where BW and I go for our daily walks.  Should be a total zoo around here.

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  1. LOUP Says:

    I am thinking that the 3rd was Steve Irwin and that Roethesburgermeisterburger is gonna be around.

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