The Ass-Crack of Dawn

That’s a phrase that Loup uses all the time, and with this week’s weather, it has seemed really appropriate.  It’s just like waking up inside someone’s asscrack.  Or as Truman Capote would say: Pittsburgh, quelle hole!!  Though really let’s face it, all of America sucks in the summer.  If you’re not being humided to death in the East, you’ll be flooded out in the South, char-broiled in the West, or blown away by tornadoes in the Middle.

Meanwhile the forecast for Aberdeen, Scotland is mid-60′s and partly cloudy all week. All hail the North Sea!

2 Responses to “The Ass-Crack of Dawn”

  1. kta Says:

    We’re roasting here in the Harrisburg area too…it’s inhumane! :-(

  2. LOUP Says:

    I love that phrase I don’t know where I picked it up. = )

    Forecast for Fulda: low 60s and overcast … nice day for a walk through the city and hanging around the local parks. OOO I bet the old walk way up to the monestary is nice and cool to the touch.

    Gawd I miss home!!

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