Vice, Vice Baby

So. Michael Mann’s Miami Vice movie opens today.


I have such mixed feelings. I’m still debating whether to go. I probably won’t. I don’t think I can bring myself to. But yet….

When I watch the trailer, I have conflicting emotions. For the most part, it is sheer joy. Because that trailer looks like Vice…it’s all there…the city lights, the darkness, the speedboat moving across the water while music plays, the beautiful visual style, the coolness of it all…and it’s directed by Michael MANN, and he is just so good and I just know the movie could almost be so perfect…those parts of the trailer give me goosebumps and make my eyes tear up with joy…
and then you see Colin. And his handlebar mustache. And my eyes tear up again, but for the opposite reason. And then you check and find that Castillo, the hardcore Hispanic ninja mo-fo, is now a heavyset black man. Lost!! All is lost!!! *wails and gnashes teeth*


But dammit, the chance to see an R-rated, big screen Vice, directed by Mann himself is sooo tempting. Think how awesome it would have been if they had done something like that, but with the real cast! And there’s no reason why they shouldn’t have!! Maybe not a feature film, but I would have been MUCH happier with maybe a Mann-directed, big-budget reunion miniseries spanning 2 or 3 nights than I am with this Colin-Farrell-infested-travesty. Could have been amazing. And the thing is, there really ARE unresolved issues from the series that could be dealt with in a reunion movie!

Phillip Michael Thomas, we hardly knew ye.

2 Responses to “Vice, Vice Baby”

  1. LOUP Says:

    I am thinking I am gonna see it … just for sake of comparision. Yeah, that’s it … I am doing research. = )

    Vice will never be Vice with Colin though … just doesn’t cut it.

  2. LOUP Says:

    Saw it .. don’t waste your time — unless you are just looking for a 2 hour escape into the air conditioned darkness.

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