Law? Pshaw!

Remember when we used to think that Nixon considered himself to be “above the law”? Kiddie stuff compared to good ol’ boy Dubya!

ABA: Bush violating Constitution

Bar association president says signing statements erode democracy

Monday, July 24, 2006

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Bush’s penchant for writing exceptions to laws he has just signed violates the Constitution, an American Bar Association task force says in a report highly critical of the practice.

The ABA group, which includes a one-time FBI director and former federal appeals court judge, said the president has overstepped his authority in attaching challenges to hundreds of new laws.

Wait! It gets better (worse)!!

The task force said the statements suggest the president will decline to enforce some laws. Bush has had more than 800 signing statement challenges, compared with about 600 signing statements combined for all other presidents, the group said.

Did you catch that last sentence??

Bush has had more than 800 signing statement challenges,

compared with about

600 signing statements combined for all other presidents

COMBINED FOR ALL OTHER PRESIDENTS! One retard fascist in office for 5 years wrote himself 200 more “exceptions” to the law than FOURTY-TWO other previous men, total, since seventeen eighty goddamn nine !! That’s just insane. Goes to show you our man Dubya’s high regard for law. He can’t even respect the laws he himself signs into being! It’s like he’s writing himself excuse notes, probably something his family has long practice with:

“Dear Teacher: Please excuse George W. from class this month, as we will be in Kennebunkport. –George H. W. Bush”

“Dear Teacher: Please excuse George W. from his test today, he isn’t feeling well. –George H. W. Bush”

“Dear Dean: Please excuse George W. from his Yale entrance requirements, as I am a rich alum. –George H. W. Bush”

“Dear Dean: Please excuse George W. from having to attend any classes at Yale in order to graduate, as he is enrolled due to family influence, not his own merit. –George H. W. Bush”

“Dear Commanding Officer: Please excuse George W. from military service in Vietnam for the duration of his sham enlistment. –George H. W. Bush”

Now lil Georgie is all growed up and can write his own free passes to shit all over the Constitution! Sometimes I wonder, even if we ever manage to get rid of this thug in 2008, will the system have been gutted so utterly that we will be unable to rebuild it to get democracy back? Or is the damage done? Is the path cleared now for all future presidents to be petty despots? Sometimes I don’t know why I bother reporting on these things, because it makes me physically sick to do it.

3 Responses to “Law? Pshaw!”

  1. hapnor Says:

    Preach it Sista, I have been contemplating putting a countdown clock to the installation of a new dictator in January 2009 on my blog. fuck. i hate voting for the lesser evil every 4 years– yay, then we get to, and i use this term very loosely, “vote” in a NEW millionaire mofo, with all that lobbyist agenda pushing moola in their pocket. what ever happened to choice?

  2. Wendy Says:

    I saw the perfect bumper sticker the other day:

    “January 10, 2009, the end of an error”

    It cannot come soon enough!

  3. LOUP Says:


    the mere sight of dubya makes me wanna yak. seriously.

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