On the Dotted Line

I believe that ALL Americans, including gay, lesbian, bisexual,
and transgender people, deserve the rights, responsibilities,
and privileges that come with marriage. And right now, we have
an unprecedented opportunity to make that dream a reality.
Please, join me in adding your voice to a million voices raised
in support of marriage for gay, lesbian, bisexual and
transgender couples at:

2 Responses to “On the Dotted Line”

  1. LOUP Says:

    E-Men to that … LK and I almost got divorced on principle alone. If not everyone can be miserable (chuckle) by choice than why should we get that option. Besides .. isn’t “marriage” supposed to be a union by a man and a woman and they should have sproggen to declare their love.


  2. tarsier Says:

    FROM HAPNOR, but posted by me:

    “Yes, LOUP, I agree– I am signing under the “everyone shall be miserable” marriage commandment.

    Seriously tho, *warning, here comes my anarchist droning* why doesn’t the governMINT go shit in its hat. eff ‘em.

    “Man was born free, and everywhere he is in chains” I think ALL should be free and only in chains if they like that kinky bondage sorta thing.”

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