Diva Wisdom

“If you have order in your home, it offers a refuge and helps you face disorder in the outside world.”

–Bette Davis

With such principles in mind, we spent this weekend remodeling our kitchen. Or rather, half of our kitchen. The room is almost 20 feet long, but for some reason, there were only cabinets/countertop on ONE side of it. The back wall and one whole side were totally empty, in a collassal waste of space. Being slackers and cheap, we opted to do the easy thing first: adding cabinets and counter to the blank walls. NEXT year, we’ll have the ordeal of yanking out and replacing the existing stuff on the other side of the room.

Anyway, we bought all of our cabinetry from IKEA. I wanted this nice light blue set I saw in their catalog, but the bastards discontinued it. So we had to go with white.

The fun began on Friday at about 11:00 am when everything was delivered and spread out all over my living room and dining room. I immediately began putting the cabinets together, and when BW came home, he joined in. (That’s the price you pay for affordability from IKEA…you have to put everything together yourself!)

By Saturday morning, we still had several pieces to go, and then we had to hang everything. Well, almost everything…we were unable to hang up the two wall-mounted units we ordered, because they forget to send us one little piece — the suspension rail to mount them on. My friend Cheri came over to help, and she and I got down to building cabinets while BW did the hard stuff like cutting the countertops and re-routing a heating vent so it’d go under the new cabinets. Cheri also brought the invaluable laser level, so our countertops could actually be flat. :)

Basically, we put in a 12-hour day, but we got 85% done. It was hellish, yet we had fun. Old Italian Lady neighbor even sent over some homemade pizza at about mid-day (OMG…so good!) On Sunday, BW and I finished up the small stuff, like putting the door handles on. Then I went about filling the cabinets with stuff.

So now we have, among other things, a pull-out pantry, a ‘baking center’, and best of all…an espresso bar! I need to tidy up a bit more, then I hope to have pics up in a few days. We’re still waiting for a callback from IKEA about our missing part, so I dont’ know when we’ll hang the last two pieces, but what we have is plenty good enough for now.

2 Responses to “Diva Wisdom”

  1. LOUP Says:

    woot … I wish I could make better use of my kitchen.

    I am just gonna hold out for Graceunderland and work with what we have though.

    Congrats on having fun while working — dunno how you managed that!! mmm Espresso … I’ll be right over!!

  2. hapnor Says:

    I love love love IKEA kitchens. Clean lines!! Wanna see, get those pics up!!

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