Busy News Day

Good grief!  I’m all wrapped up in unpacking and hanging pictures and finding new bakeries, then I go to work this morning and find out that the mayor of PGH has brain tumors, and some guy blew up his $9million Manhattan brownstone because he’d rather die than lose it in a divorce settlement.

The pics on the front of today’s New York Times about the latter story were very dramatic.  I think I feel for that guy.  If I had such a home, I might prefer to die in it before giving it up, too.  “You can have it when you pry it out of my cold, dead hands”, so to speak.  Too bad the dude didn’t actually die in his attempt.

As for PGH, I have nothing against Bob O’Connor, but I’m at the point where I think the city would function better WITHOUT a mayor, given past track records.

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