Superman Wears Prada

Hey, I saw two movies over the weekend…guess which ones!

First let’s tackle Supes. I loved this movie! At first I was all pissed about “why remake Superman? There’s nothing wrong with the original Superman! It does NOT need to be remade!” But as I learned more about it, I found that they weren’t doing a re-make, instead the script basically is a sequel to Superman II (and a better sequel than Superman III was.) Everything about the new movie is a tasteful, respectfully done homage to the past movies and to the comic history. The opening credits transport you back to the 70′s with the retro-look titles and John Williams’ awesome theme music…but the visuals are all up-to-the-minute. I dont’ want to spoil, but I’ll just say the title sequence is the reason movies exist in the first place…to see BIG spectacular things spectacularly.

Another homage is the inclusion of Marlon Brando, with the use of some narration that was recorded for previous Supes movies but never used. I admit, I got a little misty-eyed hearing his voice. In fact, I got a little misty-eyed many times during Superman Returns. The whole thing is a nostalgia-fest, plus for some reason Superman evokes emotions that no other comic book hero does. There were scenes in the movie where Supes is getting pummled, and I cried for pity…me who laughed at similar scenes in Passion of the Christ. If I saw Batman getting a beating like that, I’d laugh my ass off. Why does Superman bring on the emotional response? I have no clue. Then there is another scene where Supes is critically injured and being rushed into a hospital, etc., and I couldn’t help but think about Chris Reeve, and lose it again. :(

Ok, so how was the movie?? Very good. The plot was very thin, but then I realised that this is not your typical action-fest, save-the-day comic movie. Really, Superman Returns is a little movie about relationships, hung on a big action frame. The movie is not about villans (really, the Lex Luthor plot is very weak, and almost an afterthought, though Spacey owns it) and stuff blowing up, it is all about Superman’s relationship with Lois, and how (if at all) he fits in with human society. Great stuff. But, what action there is is really great. There’s just something so uplifting about watching Supes save people/things/buildings/whathaveyous.

The art direction was also great. Again, it paid homage…to Supes’ 1930′s origins, to the comic art of Alex Ross, to certain famous past Superman covers, etc. I especially liked the Alex Ross-style scenes. Brandon Routh has a face that was made to be lit in that radiant, angelic light. And how was newbie Brandon in the part? Just fine. I liked him better as Superman than as Clark Kent, but I think maybe you’re supposed to. I think he did a very good job as Supes, in fact, I wish they had given him more lines and speaking scenes. Mostly his job was to look majestic, and he excelled at that…he’s a beautiful man. A fine heir to Reeve. My only nitpick is that both he and Kate Bosworth were really too young for their characters. Meanwhile, Kevin Spacey owned Luthor. His Luthor is nasty, truly nasty, and much better than Gene Hackman’s cheesy used car salesman take on the part. James Marsden was very good in an important supporting part, though I dunno if he should have quit X-Men for it.

The bottom line is: Superman Returns is worth your money. Don’t wait for DVD, it needs a big-ass screen.

Next up, The Devil Wears Prada. How I love that title. It made Prada my favorite designer instantly. I actually read the book before I saw the movie, because I wanted something mindless to read during the move. The book was pretty damn annoying, and poorly written. The movie is a vast improvement. We’re not talking A Touch of Evil here, but a light, pleasant flick to catch on a matinee before you go get a facial or something suitably girly.

As with the book, I still just couldn’t get myself to see the evil boss as being all THAT bad. I LOVE Miranda, especially as played by La Streep. I want to BE Miranda as played by Streep. She was awesome! So she was demanding and expected people to be competent. What’s so bad about that? Who out there wouldn’t LOVE to say to some co-worker, “I’m not interested in the details of your incompetence”?? I could say that to various unnamed people every DAY, and I’d love it! So she wanted a flunky to fetch her Starbucks. So? That’s what people get rich for, so they can have flunkies. Plus, she just looked so fabulous. The clothes were drop-dead, the steely white hair, the cool glance that instantly judges everything about a person with one sweep of the lashes….sounds like role-model to me. :) If this movie had been made in the 40′s or 50′s, Miranda Priestly would have been The Crawford Part. And Joan would have owned it just as perfectly as Streep does. Nuff said.

Anne Hathaway was excellent and made the screen version of her character much more likeable than in the book. Supporting cast was solid, and it was just great fun to sit and watch the clothes in this movie. The screenplay jettisons a lot of the unecessary and repetative whining and drama of the book and hones it all down to the interplay of Streep and Hathaway’s characters, which was a very wise choice.

So, if you like Crawfordesque fabulous bitches and you like to look at clothes, you will enjoy Devil Wears Prada. Worth matinee price, and possibly even renting to watch again on DVD. Put on your best heels and check it out.

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  1. hapnor Says:

    Meryl Streep is my favourite living actress, well actually Anjelica Huston is tied with her. I am so glad she chose that part. I need to borrow your book, so I can read it prior to the movie.

    I wish I could see the Supes, but I am not allowed because a you know what (airplane) is in you now what (danger) and I am afraid of you know what (flying). :)

  2. Serhaex Says:

    I will probably have to wait for the DVD of Prada, but I did get to see the man of steel.

    I reluctantly went with a friend (not the bf) and found that I really, really like the movie. Routh looked good. Spacey was perfect. The dialogue needed a little help, but the cinematography and the look of the movie took me back to the comics and Alex Ross artwork. It is definitely a movie that I would pay full price for.

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