The Precious! The Precious is here!

Actually, the Preciouses. Preciousi? Anyway, at the end of last week, all my livin’ large goodies came in, almost all at once. You saw a pic of the fridge already, but here’s the stove:

It’s a convection oven, which should be fun to try out whenever the weather cools off.

Then there’s *insert choirs of heavenly hosts sound* the Francis Francis X1 Espresso maker!! I’ve been eying these up since my trip to D.C. when I saw one in a posh gay kitchen boutique. I found a website that sells them refurbed, at a big discount. Check out that awesome green color!

And finally…*drumroll*….on eBay I found this utterly perfect, original 1950′s, Heywood Wakefield sideboard that we will be using as a bar. Got it at a (for an antique of this quality) good price, and they refinished it before they shipped it out, so it looks absolutely brand new. It’s so shiny, it glows! Behold:

To see big/more versions of all of these, visit the new gallery I’ve set up for the new house.

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  1. hapnor Says:

    Ooooh I need a sugar-BW too!!

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