But I’m No Good at Math!

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2 Responses to “But I’m No Good at Math!”

  1. hapnor Says:

    I am einstein too, I thought I’d end up as hitler who is described as “You are paranoid, but killing all your enemies does help to relieve anxiety. You tend to see threats everywhere and ALWAYS FOCUS ON WORST CASE SCENERIOS.” Oh well. Not being a maniacal tyrant is okay with me. Maybe next life.

  2. LOUP Says:

    I ended up as Saddam Hussein. “You like to be the toughest on the block and are not afraid of confrontation” …. Excuse me whilst I got dig my hole to hide in … what kind of nonsense is that?

    I wanna be Che … with my own revoluntionary style and die a tragic death on a mountain top. DAMMIT!

    Well at least I can look back and say I am APOCOLYPSE NOW!!! = )

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