Big Ticket

BW and I spent a good chunk of the weekend shopping for new appliances for our new place. Since the house we’re buying doesn’t have some of the features I want, we’re trying to make up for it by getting high-end goodies to fill it with.

The kitchen is a skinny galley-style, so I wanted a counter-depth fridge to give us that extra room to move, and I wanted stainless steel for the looks. I was prepared to buy a 22.5 cubic-foot Fridgidaire that retails at Lowes for $1500. BUT, we’re very lucky in that there’s a Sears Appliance Outlet (aka “The scratch n’ dent store”) in town. We went there first and they were having a SALE on all stainless-steel side-by-side fridges! So the outlet prices were marked down another 10-20%. We found this KitchenAid brand beauty. That sucka retails at Sears for $2899, and we got it for under $1200! That’s $300 less than the Fridgidaire I was gonna buy, AND it has 2 more cubic feet, and a built-in PUR filter, AND it just looks way better, AND it’s a KitchenAid, and all cooking geeks know that their stuff rawks!

Since we saved so much on an awesome fridge, we spent a little more than planned and got a higher-end stove. (The stove currently in the house is just..nastay.) Not a KitchenAid, but a GE Profile gas range with convection oven. Suh-weet! It was about $1,000 less than retail at the Sears Outlet as well. (I just realized I sound just like Loup with this “Hey, I went out and bought a ton of awesome stuff” post. :) ) The so-called “cosmetic damage” on both of these items is negligible. You won’t even see it unless I point it out to you.

I cannot wait to get these! The way some people are about new cars, and horsepower, and HEMIs, and all that automotive stuff that is gibbersh to me….that is how I feel about kitchen appliances. I just get all “Ohh” and “Ahh” over BTUs and “ooh, lookit the cool knobs” and junk like that. I’m also psyched because this will be the first time in my whole 34 years of life that I’ll have my very own refrigerator that -I- chose. Previously I’d just been using whatever came with the apartment/house. I think that is long enough to wait, don’t you?

5 Responses to “Big Ticket”

  1. hapnor Says:

    Ahhh to pick out appliances, a big wish of mine (although, I picked out a washing machine, but not as fun as kitchen appliances)

    I can’t wait to see ‘em.

  2. kta Says:

    We shopped/bought new kitchen appliance not long ago and it’s so fun to shop for that kind of stuff! :-)

  3. Serhaex Says:

    Very nice buys! Always cool to have nice appliances in a new house.

  4. whistler Says:

    Very cool. Can’t wait to see the place and all the new stuff.

  5. Wendy Says:

    I have severe appliance envy. I love stainless steel and KitchenAid! Your new kitchen will look awesome!

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