I was not amused

This weekend was an exercise in reminding myself why it is that I never go to bars/nightclubs to see bands. (Apart from the obvious reason that bars are full of humans, and I hate humans.)

The bands take too bloody long to start!!

Why is that? Would they lose precious Hipness Creds if they were seen doing anything before midnight? Are they just really disorganized? What?

Really, do these people think that they are Sinatra and the Rat Pack or someone else so fabulous that no one would mind sitting around for hours sucking down second-hand smoke until they deign to grace us with their presence? Sheesh.

I get miffed and try to leave when I go see real bands and they don’t start until after 10:00PM, (*waves to Ian McCullough and Echo & The Bunnymen*) I’m not gonna hang around for Joe Schmoe And The Nobodys.

Anyway, I gave it till 11:00 and the “opening act” hadn’t started yet, so I bailed. At least the bar was cool, at any rate. (Gooski’s in Polish Hill) One of two places I’ve ever been to that knows what a gimlet is and how to prepare one.

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  1. Marci Says:


    I was there on Saturday night, and even though I had more than enough vermouth, I’m guessing we weren’t there on the same night.

    So, does the bartender bring your beloved Donal to mind or not?

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