Oh the Humanity! : QB Edition

Scenes from a Post-Roethlisberger-Accident World.

– We’ve hit the big time! The Accident made the front page of the USA Today!

– This morning, a man at Starbucks was reading a Roethlisberger-bashing editorial (that alas, I cannot find online) aloud to his wife and any passerby in earshot.

– Of the local papers, the hands-down winner for best morning-after headline goes to the Tribune Review. While the Post-Gazette ran a heart-rending photo of the smashed up bike paired with the boring headline, “Multiple Injuries, Questions for Roethlisberger”, the Trib went with “UNLUCKY NUMBER 7.” AND, in lieu of a photo, they ran this charming graphic, straight out of the Jim Garrison shooters-on-the-grassy-knoll school of design.

– Some highlights from the “Get Well Ben” message b0ard over at WPXI(Your Source for Local Newsploitation!).com:

“Ben, u r my fav playaer on the steelers and i hope u have a speedy recovery. we need u ben ur biggest fan doris.”

” As everyone i hope he has a speedy recovery. Alough besides the fact he was not wearing a helmet steelers fans need to look at the other side of this. This is just another reason for us to dislike New England the car that hit Ben did afterall have Maine plates. Just some food for thought.”

OMG, a New England conspiracy!! Damn Yankees!

2 Responses to “Oh the Humanity! : QB Edition”

  1. Gutterboy Says:

    Thought you’d enjoy this from the Craigslist sports forum:

    The lady ran a light and almost killed the most important man in the state…

    Maybe she could move to Cleveland…

  2. Gutterboy Says:

    Now KDKA is reporting that the most important man in the state had no motorcycle license to go with no helmet….


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