Not Worth the Wait

After years of my kvetching about it, they have finally put white chocolate M&Ms on the market. I thought they should have done it last year, when they did the Star Wars tie-in and had the ‘Dark Side’ dark chocolate M&Ms, it stands to reason that the ‘Light Side’ should have been white chocolate. But no, they were milk chocolate. Whatever.

So anyway, the new white chocolate ones are tie-ins to Pirates of the Carribean 2. “Pirate Pearls.” Again, whatever. The bottom line is, they just aren’t very good. White chocolate should have a really intense, buttery vanilla taste. The M&M version barely tastes like anything, all I can really taste is the candy shell, the interior has little to no flavor. :( I’m very disappointed, I was really looking forward to these. I will say that they look nice; they come in pastel colors and have cute pirate-themed icons (a skull! a ship, cutlasses, etc.) stamped on them. But they taste like nothing. M&Ms did a much beter job with the dark chocolate variant, and they need to bring those back out on the market permanently. The whites need to be send back to r&d for further testing.

2 Responses to “Not Worth the Wait”

  1. kta Says:

    Dang…I was getting all psyched about learning of these white chocolate m&m’s…then I read further. They’re not that good, huh? I looove white chocolate and you’re right about how it should taste. Bad tasting white chocolate is reallly bad! :-(
    I still may have to try them for myself though! ;-)

  2. Wendy Says:

    Yeah, what a let down. I am a white chocolate lover and I looked forward to these babies hitting the market. I have to agree with your take on them, no taste at all to the little duds.

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