Plague and pestilence

Well, we ended up NOT seeing The Omen last night after all. I read one too many bad reviews. You know that a movie must suck if even Harry K. from “Ain’t It Cool News” hates it; that wanker usually loves all manner of shit. Maybe I’ll rent the dvd….maybe.

So even if Satan wasn’t walking the earth yesterday, seems like his friend the Horseman of Pestilence has been. Cheri came through her surgery just fine, but she had a…mystery thing…a growth the size of a thumb removed from behind her nasal passages! Cheri’s mother has been laid up with intestinal surgery and a blood clot. Loupy sprained her ankle. I heard that Hapnor is down with a kidney infection, and yesterday I got an email from my friend Janet to say that her mother is hospitalized with a stroke, infection, and renal failure.

WTFreak is going on?! Merciful Lord E, defend us!

I guess it’s a sign of age, when friends my age have to start dealing with parents’ health problems. Regardless, I will keep all of you people in my thoughts, but please, somebody, get well soon…my head is getting really crowded.

2 Responses to “Plague and pestilence”

  1. LOUP Says:

    I’m getting better .. all praise be to E, the big V and massage therapy.

    I am getting so well in fact I start the new day gig Friday a.m.
    = )

  2. hapnor Says:

    >that wanker usually loves all manner of shit

    heh, you made my day :)

    Just convalescing at home today…I scrubbed down the fridge, mopped the kitchen floor, and cleaned the bathroom. Might give Watson a bath. Feel like poop, tho.

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