Fire in the Disco!

Today I’m here to pimp one of my favorite bands, Electric Six! Because they rawk! And they have a new album out! (Well, it came out in the UK in 2005, but I just found out about it because they don’t even have a recording contract in the US…even though they’re from Detroit. Chalk up another point for Olde England.)

How to describe E6? They are arena rock, they are disco dance, they are 80′s techno pop. They have humorous, tongue-in-cheek lyrics, but these guys take their musicianship seriously. They will remind you of so many great bands, but their sound is 100% unique. They are the most fun band around!

E6 first came to the world’s attention a few years back when their single ‘Gay Bar’ freakin’ OWNED the UK, and was turned into an awesome bit of animation by Joel at If you haven’t seen this clip, you’ve missed out on one of the pop culture high points of the last 10 years. E6 and Viking Kittens! Watch it right now.

But back to the present. The new album is called “Senor Smoke”, and I think I liked it even better than their first. It just rocks a little harder in general, and the dance-y songs are even more so. I defy you not to love “Dance Epidemic”! And their ‘ballad’ “Jimmy Carter” is just…words escape it. All is available for a sneak listen on the iTunes store. Meanwhile, you can watch a video for their cover of Queen’s ‘Radio Gaga’ here. I believe I like it better than the original.

E6 will be playing in PGH July 9! Anybody wants to go, get in touch, cause I will be there no question.

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