ShutUp Already, Damn!


Yup, I’m such a Prince fan, I even know those old obscure B-sides.

Anyway, I’m feeling rather like Gay Edna today, because I think all the house stuff is finally cleared up. I don’t think we’ve convinced the Chinese people who we’re buying the house from that asbestos is a Bad Thing, but we’ve at least gotten them to give us the repair credit we wanted.

On the selling front, our buyers have at last STFU about our furnace. See, they had a Crack-Head Home Inspector who told them that our furnace MUST be replaced, just because it’s old, even though it works just fine. Then the wife was afraid of carbon monoxide leakage. We went back and forth getting different repair people out here to take readings, clean it, whathaveyou, and it ended up with a clean bill of health, and I believe the buyers are convinced now. Sheesus.

Moral of the story: Don’t buy and sell a house. Rent whenever possible! And keep Midol close at hand. See you all on Moving Day the 24th (and 25th), if not sooner.

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